Gerry Gutierrez' Update

“Hear O Israel”

January 10, 2018, GA

Mark 12:28-32


Our ears can hear what our eyes cannot see, vision comes from hearing.


Faith is conceived as one hear the Word of God, then your mind gets pregnant as we think and gives birth to thoughts after God and our lives becomes a Prayer.

            The cornerstone of Prayer is that; “there is a God and He is the One and only and there is no other”.

            The Lord our God is the Great “I am that I am” and there is no other and if in any way man “is” for a while, is due to the breath of God He blew into our nostrils. We derive our existence from God and from no other because there is no other.

            We are made to, “Hear God” apart from hearing God, there is no faith and no speech and therefore no prayer.

            Since there is only one God, there is also one will only and it is meant to prevail.

            Man as of God is to have wholeness only as he hears the will of God and lives in oneness with God.

            To hear God and Him alone is the Greatest of all commands. Man must be willfully deaf to any other voices but that of God.

            Truth and saving Faith comes from believing God as the One and only and the evidence of this Faith is “Loving God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”

            Since God is Spirit and invisible, our love for God whom we have not seen, is real only when we love our neighbor as ourselves to whom we have seen.” “There is no command greater than these.”

            Jesus came to deliver the love of God to us that we no longer should love people only in direct proportion of what my imagination of loving God is.

            Jesus said: “Love one another as I have loved you. By this they will know you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

            We are here on this earth to be known as the disciples of Jesus. Disciples who have learned from the Master that Evangelism or salvation are of the Lord. The conversion of a sinner into a saint is by far the greatest miracle of all. Miracles are the works of God in order to help us to believe in Him whom He has sent.

            The conversion of water into wine was a miracle that changed the nature of water into wine. Only God works miracles.

            My call in life is to hear God, (“Hear O Israel”) and believe. I am at the command of Jesus to fill the empty jars with water and serve the transformed element as Jesus desires.

            In the same way, I am to preach and teach God’s Word as serving clean water and filling the hearts and minds of people and let God do the miracle of conversion unbeknownst to me but clearly know to me is the command to “SERVE” that which Jesus has transformed.

            It is to discipleship that our Lord Jesus has called us. It is to make disciples the Father sent His Son to Jesus to earth.

            If I cannot disciple one I cannot disciple 3 and let alone 12 or 150.

            It is not for a one nightstand that God brings people into our lives, but to marriage-like relationship to nurture and care one another as “Jesus chose twelve to be with them.”

            If the transformed life of one is not reflected in two or three, it will not be a reality to 12 others.

            Aiming the forest may give us the impression of hitting for sure several trees, but it is to the one tree you must aim with a view that single trees make a forest and not the other way around.

            Is to the small obedience that our Lord has called us. To make a core group of friends like Jesus had in Peter, James and John.

            It is not to massively conquer the world that we are called but one should at the time less we will be left without one true disciple at the end.

            Let wisdom be evident in us, as we in this New Year focus on our families, making out of a son a true friend and making out of a father a beloved friend. After that to make out of the elect a friend and what is left of us to give it to the world “as pour out wine and broken bread.”

            The shortest road is the longest road and the fastest way is the slowest way. True lasting changes take the longer road because it arrives where you aim to go.

            But the hamster in a cage inside the wheel may seem to have speed but no progress, contribution or direction.

            In the same way the fastest way is the slowest way but you arrive on time.

            Let the chipmunk teach us that even though he does not seem to have a pattern for his behavior, his mouth is full and he seem to think that there is room for one more seed in his already bursting chubby cheeks.

            A chipmunk is a risk taker, but a hamster is cautious. A risk taker may not live long, but a Cautious do not live at all.

            Life is full of mistakes, not perfect decisions, it’s better to make a decision today and have tomorrow to fix it up than to wait for perfect decision tomorrow and end up only with a decision and one day short to amend the mistake.

            “Hear O ISRAEL the Lord our God is One” and He is Sovereign and He will make your wrongs right. Just love Him with all you are and give Him your self for it is you whom He loves and not your burnt sacrifices or burned out service. Love God - love people.


Gerry Gutierrez


 They (Kelly and Caleb) read and correct my writings about Jesus.